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I have had a fair share of air conditioning issues that are sometimes avoidable or not. Symptoms of a faulty air conditioning system can be spotted immediately but there are a few signs that are not visible, and that is why I prefer hiring an air conditioning repair near me to look out for them. Have you ever encountered any of the faulty HVAC warning signs below?

Leaky Ducts, Bad Air Flow

Pipe repairs can sometimes prove to be a headache to complete with most HVAC systems. Think of it this way. The HVAC unit functions like your real heart while the ducts function as the veins to distribute the blood that is pumped from the heart. If the pipes leak or have a blockage, then the whole system will have inadequate air flow.

Because of the changes caused by the leaks or blockages, you will notice that some spots in your home are either too cool or hot. The only solution is to have a professional check and repair them to ensure they are working as they should, and the quality of air is significantly improved.

Weird Smells

Weird SmellsSmell something mysterious? Does it have the smell of rotten eggs? Take your time to check out the rooms that produce the bad odor. Apart from the kitchen and comfort rooms that typically have a bad smell, weird smells may also indicate that there is a gas leakage along the duct work.

If you suspect a gas leakage, switch off your HVAC unit immediately and prepare for evacuation after calling an air conditioning repair near you. If you smell rubber or plastic, the chances of an electrical fault causing the weird smell is very high. Cut off the power to your AC and ring the nearest qualified HVAC technician.

Strange Noises

There are countless reasons why your HVAC unit is producing those strange noises. Once you note that your system is producing strange noises, don't hesitate to ring a technician to have a closer look at it.

AC Doesn't Run

If you note that your air conditioning unit is not powering on, then it may be experiencing power issues. Once your AC doesn't power on after several kicks of the donkey, you will have no option but to find a professional near you to do all the dirty work that will ensure it runs perfectly again.

Dirty Air Filter

When dust and other foreign particles accumulate in your air filter, they tamper with the flow of air in your HVAC unit. The result will be magnified electricity bills as more effort is used to circulate air through the system.

Ventilation Blockages

You air conditioning unit should be thoroughly inspected to find out if they are blocked. If ventilation obstructions are not eliminated over time, they could cause the system to malfunction and produce dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide.

Ventilation BlockagesThe warning signs mentioned in this post are just the key ones meaning that there are many others that you should be on the look out for that could not fit here such as condensation in windows to mention just a few.