Popular Tea Blends For A Great Taste

Black tea is always an all time rejuvenating beverage which is also used to boost the body energy. Tea at large has been used by many communities in the world to stimulate the body as well as for medicinal purposes. As a beverage people can enjoy it at any time of the day and mostly breakfast. To make it more interesting, people can blend the black tea with various ingredients to make tea blends for different occasions. The most popular ones are listed below.

Popular tea blends

Masala chai

pouring teaIf you are a lover of tea, you probably have come across this blend. The blend includes spices, black tea, milk, and sugar to make an ultimate lovely combination. This rustic Indian tea involved boiling all ingredients together with whole spices. Indians are known for love of spice in their complete forms, and thus the tea would be delicious. Today, the masala chai has various designs of making including using already spiced tea bags or separate ground spices. As much as masala chai originated in Asia, it will surprise you to know that British use it more often.

Dirty chai blend

Another common type of tea blend loved by most people due to its rejuvenating power. It's also commonly used by people who are looking to switch from tea to coffee. So, you are wondering how? The dirty chai tea blend is made of black tea, coffee, lemon, and cloves. Dues to the aspect of lemon, mild should never be added to it thus making all look dirt brown. The strength of the blend can either deviate to tea or coffee depending on preference. Again, people can take the blend either hot or as iced tea.

Earl tea blend

Earl tea blendIn early 1800s Earl Grey who was a British prime minister received this tasteful blend as a gift, and after liking it dearly, it was named after him. It involves the use of black tea with a blend of black tea and rinds of bergamot orange which extracts its oily flavors to the beverage. Other variants of the blend can use lavender to make the Lady Grey blend. The options depend on the place of origin and people's creativity. It is an all time drink which is loved by all who try it.


Tea is a worldwide drink which will never cease to be loved. The more people take it, the more they want to enhance its flavors. You too can try any of the above flavors at ant time.