Picking a 17-Inch Laptop with an Excellent Keyboard

Many factors point to 17-inch laptops as the “the new normal” this 2020 and beyond. These laptops do not only have the widest screens in laptop technology, but they have such great power to be on par with desktops. With the changes in how we live brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, having the right 17-inch laptop is surely the best way to go.

To choose the best widescreen laptop for you, one of the primary considerations is a good keyboard. It helps if you have a PC with a keyboard that feels good and is ergonomic. You can read the whole article to know how to pick a 17-inch laptop with an excellent keyboard.
Indeed, we cannot use a laptop without using its keyboard. We need it for text-oriented work, gaming, or other purposes. For whatever purpose, the quality of a keyboard can influence productivity. It can also affect how you play a video game.

Here are some qualities of a keyboard that you should always look for to maximize your everyday laptop experience.

Ergonomic Layout

keyboardMost laptops have the standard typewriter-like keyboard with the addition of computer keys such as the left and right Ctrl and alt, F1-F12, PgUp and PgDn keys, and Prt SC button. Normally, all PCs have six rows of keys.

While standard keyboards have the numeric keys on the second row from the top, some laptops have it on the right side of the keyboard. You may need some adjustments when using a PC with this kind of keyboard, but it can prove to be more ergonomic, especially when working on documents such as accounting or financial reports. A laptop may also have the touchpad on the right side, which can improve your scrolling around the large screen even better.

It is always best to consider where you are most comfortable with. While a laptop’s layout may improve function, it may not bring you the best comfort.

The ‘Feel’ Quality

Also called tactile feedback, it helps to consider the overall ‘feel’ of the keyboard before buying. Not all may have the same preference, so this can be a factor that you should try on a laptop before buying one. There are many things that affect this factor. You can consider the deck flex, key travel, surface coating, surface shape, cushioning, and sound. All of these may contribute to your overall comfort and may some of which may cause you to commit typographical errors. You should always choose a keyboard that enhances your confidence.

Other Essential Features


The ‘chicklet’ or the island type of keyboard is now the most common keyboard among new laptop models. It may not have any creditable advantage other than the sleeker appearance. If you usually work or play at night, having a laptop with LED backlighting may be more suitable.